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NOTE: Most events are held on the first Thursday of each month at Bloomsburg Public Library, 225 Market Street, Bloomsburg (downtown, revitalized) PA. Poetry readings will start PROMPTLY at 7:30 pm.

Monica Prince

September 7, 2018 7:30 pm

THEME: “Affairs” – Romantic, Illicit, Political, etc.Monica Prince is the current Creative Writing Fellow in Poetry at Susquehanna University, Her work has been featured in MadCap Review, The Sula Collective, TRACK//FOUR, Texas’s Best Emerging Poets, The Ibis Head Review, and elsewhere. She loves cheesecake, running along the Susquehanna River, and dancing to Prince in her living room.

Monica Prince received her MFA in poetry from Georgia College & State University and her BA in English from Knox College. She is a contributing editor for the Santa Fe Writers Project, and she is the author of two poetry collections, Survival Techniques (CreateSpace, 2013) and Letters from the Other Woman (Grey Book Press, 2018).

                                                                                                                   MC: Tara Holdren


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Our Very own BOOKLETYou must be heard to be seen. Poems for the annual booklet must have been read aloud between the May of one year and April of the next year readings; so show up, enunciate, invoke elocution and  SUBMIT!! Limit is TWO Typed PAGES of poems per poet. You may bring a paper copy of poetry to the April  reading or e-mail it as an attachment to Richard Brook at richardb@ptd.net.  Most often booklets are assembled and ready for distribution by May’s reading and you may buy at least one (ridiculously low price for original works, too). Yet another pitch:  there are copies of earlier River Poets booklets if you are curious about RP’s progress, art, and production efforts over time. We are proud to be amateurs. Please understand, we have reached tentatively into the 21st century and continue to explore the junction of space and time with varying degrees of success.

ORIGINS – Founded in May 1994 at the Bloomsburg Public Library, River Poets has attracted members and poets from Scranton to Selinsgrove and other undisclosed locations. The format is themed (suggested, not required; encouraged not forced) or a featured reader(s) followed by an open reading. Although not strictly rule-bound, we do encourage a 3-poem or 5-minute time constraint on open readers, before we bring out a hook. Mostly we try to avoid having the audience zone out or run away screaming. All people and all works are welcomed – bring original items, favorite works, songs, a lie or two. River Poets is an encouraging and supportive group of pilgrims, pioneers, not too preachy, and notoriously polite. Really!!

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