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River Poets -

poetry outdoors from June through August 2022

River Poets will return  to the Bloomsburg Public Library September 1,  2022 

One Calendar of Poetic Stuff, Information, and Miscellany 

with a nod to some of our friends.

When? - beginning at 7:00 PM on the 1st Thursday of the month

Where? - August 4, 2022 at the Fernville Family Park

plus  SATURDAY August 20, 2022 visit us at ArtFest in Bloomsburg  10 am until 5 pm

River Poets will follow the event location’s guides regarding Covid caution.

The community room is a small space so

                  bring and wear a mask and social distance as much as possible.





Planning the future events

August 18, 2022 6:30 pm

6:30 – 8 PM at TBD.

Two roads diverged in the woods…

Which one should we take? Join us and share your ideas of how we can forge ahead and on which path. Come be part of the planning committee.

River Poets at Art Fest

August 20, 2022 10:00 am

Poetry outdoors.


Feature: Steven Concert

September 1, 2022 7:30 pm

Theme: LGBTQ* poets/poetry ~ some well-known gay poets include: Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, Mark Doty, Richard Blanco, and Jericho Brown.

(*LGBTQ: Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer)

Event begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 9 pm

Steven Concert ~ Steer Into the Skid (2022) is Steven’s first full-length collection of poetry. An award winning poet, his recent publication credits include Common Threads, Art Through the Eyes of the Mad Poets, Poetry 2022, and Word Fountain. He has also published three poetry chapbooks: Too Blind To See, Standing in the Chaos, and No Mortar Required. Steven regularly participates in online events with poets from Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, New Mexico, Maryland, and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and York

 MC: Andira Dodge


Nothing at the moment.

Disclaimers and Possible Grains of Truth Department:

Connecting with the RIVER POETS – Due to Covid-19, our power of ESP has dissipated, the responsibility rests solely in your hands to make contact with us.  You could show up and track us down at any of our scheduled events; however, if you are not the “stalking” type, you can contact any of the following members:

            Mike DeMarco at mdmep@ptd.net or telephone him at (570) 387-0920

            Susan Brook at scbrook@ptd.net or telephone her at (570) 784-8363

            Linda Dietrichson at lindadietrichson@gmail.com

If you are computer friendly and would like to receive reminders of poetry events, please send your email

address to Andira Dodge at wordrummager@gmail.com .  Did we mention that you can visit our website? It is a mouse

click away at www.riverpoets.com.

We also publish our very own Booklet – Here is the catch, you must be heard to be seen.  Poems published in our annual River Poets booklet must have been read aloud at one of our readings between May 2021 and April 2022.  Show up, enunciate, invoke elocution and SUBMIT!  There is a limit of two typed pages of poems per poet. You may bring a paper copy of your poetry to the April 2022 reading or e-mail it as an attachment to Richard Brook at richardb@ptd.net and copy to wordrummager@gmail.com.

The plan is for our booklet to be assembled and ready for distribution by June’s reading and you may buy at least one (a ridiculously low price for these original works, too).  If you miss this year’s booklet deadline (as you are new to the River Poets, or just woke from a coma), there will be future opportunities to submit.  There are copies of earlier River Poets booklets if you are curious about River Poets progress, art, and production efforts over time.  We know where they are and we are darn proud to be amateurs.

Please understand, we have reached tentatively into this century and continue to explore the junction of space, time, energy, and matter with varying degrees of success.

OTHER THINGS of importance somewhere- Our readings often feature a poet/reader and sometimes a theme; sometimes both a reader and a theme are present, usually followed by an “open reading opportunity”.  Although not strictly rule-bound, we do encourage a 3-poem or 5-minute time constraint on open readers (not open-ended) before we bring out a hook. Mostly we try to avoid having the audience wander away before the teapot makes a circuit or fall off their chairs while sleeping. All people and all works are welcome – bring original items, favorite works, songs, a story, a lie or two. River Poets is an encouraging and supportive group of pilgrims, pioneers, and seekers of wisdom.  Hopefully you will find us notoriously polite and not too preachy. Honestly!

Open reading opportunity® is trademarked, copyrighted, and reserved by the River Poets of Bloomsburg (as far as we know and believe). People may use those words singly or in combination, but we would like some recognition or a citation that River Poets® (also copyrighted) was an early user and promoter of that particular order of letters. Thank you. (FYI – we do not claim these two words as original).   

You may obtain similar, information (possibly updated or outdated) at this web place www.riverpoets.comNo Facebook™, no Twitter, [check Wikipedia eventually] but there are random links to other people, places, and things. And yes, we are approachable in person.


Things to know –If you go you will return, so there is time to learn it all.

Please enjoy being here; choose to be happy (no, we can’t do that work for you).