Founded in May 1994 at the Bloomsburg Public Library, River Poets has attracted members and poets from Scranton to Selinsgrove and other undisclosed locations.

The format is themed (suggested, not required; encouraged not forced) or a featured reader(s) followed by an open reading. Although not strictly rule-bound, we do encourage a 3-poem or 5-minute time constraint on open readers, before we bring out the hook. Mostly we try to avoid having the audience zone out or run away screaming.

All people and all works are welcomed – bring original items, favorite works, songs, a lie or two. River Poets is an encouraging and supportive group of pilgrims, pioneers, not too preachy, and notoriously polite, too. Really!!

GETTING CONNECTED – Well, you could just show up at the Bloomsburg Public Library on a first Thursday at 7:30 PM or to any other scheduled event; but if that is not your style (you are shy perhaps?) then – email Michael DeMarco at or phone him at 570-387-0920; or email Richard Brook at or phone 570-784-8363; or Charles Weaver at or phone 570-752-1592